Take a leisurely stroll around our 3/4 acre show garden which has established itself over a ten year period. It is full of a wide range of fully grown shrubs, trees and plants in Pembrokeshire. We hope the Show Garden will give you lots of ideas that you can incorporate into your own garden.

We set out to design the show gardens to showcase to shrubs and trees to customers in their full glory. Now the garden has reached maturity and is fully grown, we think  that we have achieved what we set out to do. There is a new addition of an Alpine Garden which has been planted this year. Also we have added a new rose planted area.

One of the main features of our Show Garden is a handkerchief tree which (when in full flower in mid-May) looks like a tree with lots of little white hankies hanging on it. Rhododendron are very prominent in our show garden and always seem to grow well among our plants in Pembrokeshire. There always seems to be something in flower, all the year round.

If you’re a keen gardener, or simply like looking around gardens, then you would be right at home when taking a leisurely stroll amongst our plants in Pembrokeshire.